Chicken Italiano

Chicken and Broccoli Italiano


  • 4 chicken breasts, skinned, sprinkled lightly with garlic salt
  • & seasoned salt (boned breasts can be used if desired)
  • 2 pkgs. frozen broccoli spears OT
  • l large bunch fresh broccoli, cooked
  • 4 oz. mozzarella cheese , thinly sliced (about l oz. per slice) l (21 oz.) jar Ragu Italian Cooking Sauce
  • 2 T. Parmesan cheese

Season chicken. Wrap tightly in foil and bake l 1/4 hrs. at 350. (If using boned chicken, precooking is not required. Simply bake chicken, broccoli & sauce for 40 mins. Add cheeses and continue cooking for approximately 20 mins. more.)  Place cooked broccoli in baking dish.  Cover with cooked chicken after pulling the bone from chicken. Pour entire jar of sauce over chicken. Cover each breast with slice of mozzarella. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake for 20  minutes,  more or until sauce is hot and cheese melts.

Dieter’s portion of chicken decreased by l oz. to compensate for cheese.  Serves 4.

On low sodium diets please delete Ragu Italian Cooking Sauce or Butoni marinara and substitute equal portions of tomato sauce with tomato bits, adding dashes of garlic powder, thyme, oregano and marjoram, if desired. All salts should be replaced with nither powders; e.g. garlic powder, onion powder, or salt substitutes.